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Do you want to borrow an amount once to finance a major purchase such as a car or a new kitchen? Then applying for a personal loan is a good solution for you. With a personal loan you know exactly where you stand: you borrow an amount once, with a predetermined interest rate and term. This way you will not be faced with surprises afterwards. Do you also want to take out a personal loan at the lowest possible interest rate? Request a personal loan without any obligation.

Apply for a personal loan online

Do you want to apply for a personal loan online? With us you can apply for a loan online, but you can also submit an application by telephone. If you choose to apply for a loan yourself, we will process the administrative handling of the loan together with the lenders. With us you can submit an online application for a loan without obligation. So you are not directly attached to anything. Your application must first be approved by the lender.

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When you apply for a loan, you naturally want to choose the lowest possible interest. With us, you have the choice with which lender you want to take out a loan, this way you can also choose the conditions that best suit your situation. When you have chosen, sign the quotation and return it to us together with the requested documents. These are then checked by us and passed on to the relevant lender. Our service is offered remotely, which is why you have 14 days to consider after signing the quotation.

What should you pay attention to when applying for a loan?

You can apply for a loan via our website or by telephone. When you decide to borrow money, you want to do this in a responsible way. We therefore recommend that you do not borrow more than you actually need or can do without monthly in addition to the costs you already bear.

  • Don't borrow more than you need;
  • Choose a loan that suits your situation, such as a revolving credit or a personal loan ;
  • Calculate whether you can miss the monthly payments;
  • Choose a lender with conditions that suit your situation.

How much do you want to borrow?

The amount of the loan amount depends on various factors, including your income and expenses. Curious how much you can borrow? With our handy tool you get an indication of the amount of money that you can borrow through us. You can borrow a minimum of 5000 US dollars and a maximum of 150,000 US dollars .

Apply for a personal loan

When you choose a personal loan, you will receive the amount in your account once. With a personal loan you know in advance where you stand. You pay a fixed amount each month consisting of interest and repayment and the term is fixed.

A personal loan is generally applied for to pay a large amount once. Consider, for example, the purchase of a new car or the financing of an extension. The disadvantage of a personal loan is that the loan amount cannot be withdrawn again; you experience less flexibility than with a revolving credit .

What is the interest on a personal loan?

The interest depends on the risk profile of the applicant and the interest rate is determined on that basis. For example, a married couple with both permanent contracts and owner-occupied homes will receive a lower interest rate than a single person in their twenties who is a temporary worker and still lives with his parents. This method of determining interest is called Risk Based Pricing.

How does applying for a loan work?

You can apply for a loan through us both by telephone and via the website. In addition to personal details, we also need information about your income and housing costs in order to be able to apply for a loan. With this information we assess whether a loan can be taken out in a responsible manner. You take out a loan, for example, to transfer several small loans into one or to make a large purchase.

  1. Apply for a loan by telephone or online;
  2. We assess the application on the basis of your personal details and housing costs and then forward the application to various lenders;
  3. When we have received a response from all lenders, we will submit the offers to you.
  4. You then make a choice yourself with which lender you want to take out a loan. You do this by signing the contract and returning it to us together with the other documents (such as a payslip, bank statement and identification).
  5. We check these documents and if they are complete and correct we ensure that it is passed on to the lender, after which the loan is paid out.

Take out a personal loan

A loan is only definitively taken out when the lender has approved the application for a loan. The lender initially checks whether you can actually pay the loan.

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