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Consumptive credit

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If you are looking for a loan for personal use, you will probably have come across the term “consumer credit”. Consumer credit is a collective term for different types of loans that you can take out for private use.

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Consumer credit

There are various forms of consumer credit, such as a personal loan, revolving credit, overdrafting at the bank, installment purchase and hire purchase.

Personal loan

Do you want to borrow an amount once to finance a major purchase such as a car or a new kitchen? Then a personal loan is a good solution for you. With a personal loan you know exactly where you stand: you borrow an amount once, with a predetermined interest rate and term. This way you will not be faced with surprises afterwards.

Revolving credit

With a revolving credit you can flexibly withdraw and repay money. You may take more in one month than in another. And that works out well. Because you only pay interest on the amount that you have withdrawn from your revolving credit. Another additional advantage of a revolving credit is that you are not bound by a fixed term. You can withdraw a sum of money at any time for an indefinite period of time. With a revolving credit, the interest is variable. This means that the interest can be higher one month than the other.

Credit card

A credit card has a predetermined limit over which you pay interest and repayment on the outstanding amount. The interest rate is variable. The interest on a credit card is generally higher than that of a personal loan or revolving credit.

Red at the bank

Being in the red at the bank is also a form of consumer credit. Being in the red at the bank is useful when you just run out of money to get through the month. The interest on this credit is in most cases very high.

Hire purchase

It is possible at a number of web shops or physical stores to buy on installment. The interest on this is in most cases high. Because you have part of the amount open at the store during the payment, this is also seen as a consumer credit.

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Frequently asked questions about borrowing money

What does borrowing money cost?

Do you choose to take out a loan through us? Then the mediation is without additional costs. We receive a fee from the lender in the form of a commission.

How does borrowing work?

You can apply for a loan through us both by telephone and via the website. In addition to your personal details, you also provide information about your income and housing costs. We need this information to be able to assess whether you can borrow money in a responsible manner. When we have received a complete application, it will be forwarded to the acceptance department. There the application is assessed and then transferred to 5 different banks. When there is an offer from at least 1 bank, you will receive a message from us. You can then choose yourself which lender you want to take out a loan with.

Transfer loan

Just as it is possible to transfer a mortgage, you can also combine other types of loans into one. Simply put, you pay off the other 'smaller' loans with one loan. The advantage is that you will probably save on your monthly costs: smaller loans are in many cases more expensive than one large loan. You also have a better overview of your finances.

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