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Have you taken out a loan with Freo at a fixed interest rate in the past? There is a good chance that you can save on your monthly payments by transferring your loan. Interest rates have fallen sharply in recent years and interest rates will fall even further in 2020. You transfer various credits through us. Request a quote without obligation and discover whether transferring a loan works in your favor.

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Interest on a personal loan will fall further in 2020

As mentioned earlier, the interest on a consumer credit has been falling for years. In 2019 the interest rate was set at a rate of 3.9%. This was exceptionally low. Nevertheless, this trend appears to continue in 2020.

The lowering of the interest rate is caused by the continuing competition between different lenders. When one lender cuts its interest, the other banks must follow

The competition between lenders works to the benefit of the consumer.

Transfer multiple credits

If you have several (small) loans such as credit card debt, installment purchase or if you are overdrawn at the bank, it is interesting to transfer a loan. Not only does the transfer of a loan provide a financial benefit, it also provides more peace of mind when you have an overview of your finances.

Borrow money FREO

You can transfer various loans to a new personal loan through us. Small loans are often very expensive because the interest on these loans is higher. Transferring a credit provides a better overview and you save on monthly costs. With us you can refinance the following loans:

  • Personal loan
  • Revolving credit
  • Credit card debt
  • Redness at the bank
  • Mail order credit

Loan Freo transfer and borrow

Do you want to borrow extra money ? That is also possible with a loan transfer. With the refinancing, you actually take out a new higher loan and pay off your old loan. In this day and age, this can be accompanied by better interest conditions.

Keep in mind whether taking out a higher loan suits your financial situation. Curious how much you can borrow? Calculate how much you can borrow with our handy tool.

Why transfer a FREO loan through us

In many cases, people choose to refinance a loan if savings can be made on monthly payments. We send out the application for your loan to various lenders, so that you can choose the best offer that suits your situation.

Transferring credit: how does it work?

You transfer multiple credits through us. When applying, indicate that it concerns the transfer or payment of residual debt. When all the paperwork is in order and you have chosen a lender, the lender will then pay off your current loans. You also do not have to worry about deregistering with the Credit Registration Office : the lender will also arrange this.

When you submit an application, the lender takes into account a number of personal factors. We act as a mediator when you decide to borrow money. We submit your application to various lenders. This is how we ensure that you get the best offer.

Costs for transferring loans

In many cases, early repayment is penalty-free . If you want to transfer the loans through us, the mediation is without additional costs. We receive a fee from the lender in the form of a commission.

What should you pay attention to?

  1. Loan form : When you transfer one or more loans, you must take out a new loan form. With us you can only transfer to a personal loan. Unlike with a revolving credit, you cannot withdraw the loan amount again. This way you pay off a fixed amount every month and you know when the loan has been fully repaid.
  2. Duration : Do you want to reduce costs? Pay close attention to the duration. A longer term means lower monthly costs, but you do pay a fixed amount of interest for a long time. A shorter loan can therefore be cheaper.
  3. Interim repayment : Does your new lender offer the option to repay without penalty? The interim repayment ensures that you incur less costs in interest.

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