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Do you want to request a maximum loan amount for a project or purchase? With our tool you calculate the maximum amount you can borrow. You want to borrow maximum in a responsible way, so we recommend that you only borrow the amount that you actually need.

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Responsible maximum loan amount

Via our website you calculate the maximum you can borrow. In addition, you can also request a loan without obligation for the maximum amount that you think you need for your purchase or project. The calculation of the maximum loan amount that you can do on our website is based on your personal situation and is determined on the basis of your income and your housing costs. The calculation you can do is only an indication and does not determine what you can actually borrow.

How much can I borrow through

You can borrow a minimum amount of 5,000 US dollars and a maximum of 150,000 US dollars through us. The cost percentage is determined on the basis of your financial situation and the amount you want to borrow.

Borrowing responsibly

If you choose to apply for a loan through us, it will first be assessed by our acceptance department. This is then passed on to 5 different lenders. When we have received a response from all 5 lenders and at least one of them has an offer, we will present it to you. You can then choose which offer you accept.

Apply for a personal loan

With a personal loan you take out a loan for a predetermined period, at a fixed amount and a fixed interest rate. The amount of the interest depends on the risk profile of the applicant. This means that an applicant who bears less risk can also expect less risk premium in the interest rate. A family in which both partners have a permanent contract of employment with an owner-occupied home carries less risk than a student who still lives in rooms. This method of determining interest is called Risked Based Pricing.

Apply for a revolving credit

With revolving credit you experience flexibility. A revolving credit has no fixed term and thus offers the possibility to withdraw a sum of money over a longer period. This offers a solution, for example, when you are in a renovation for a longer period and need a loan amount every month.

The interest on a revolving credit is calculated on the outstanding amount. The monthly amount that you pay for a revolving credit consists of interest and repayment. The maximum amount you can borrow in revolving credit depends on your personal circumstances, such as income and other fixed costs.

Transfer loan

Do you have several loans with different lenders and do you want a better overview of the financial situation? Through us you can switch multiple loans into one loan: that makes maintaining the finances a lot easier and you can save on the monthly costs.

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